Zeni is currency used to buy ZNM pop items for ToAU areas.

On retail, a player would use a Soultrapper on a monster to created a Soul Plate, which would then be exchanged for Zeni.

On NIGHTBROOD, we have simplified this process. You do not need a Soultrapper. Soul Plates directly drop from monsters in ToAU areas.

Obtaining Soul Plates

Soul Plates drop from the following monsters:

  • Greater Colibiri - Bhaflau Thickets
  • Heraldic Imp - Caedarva Mire
  • Ebony Pudding - Mount Zhayolm
  • Wamoura Prince - Mount Zhayolm
  • Orichalcumshell - Mount Zhayolm

Exchanging Soul Plates for Zeni

Once you obtain your Soul Plates, visit Sanraku in Whitegate (E-8) and trade the Soul Plate (1 per trade) to obtain a random amount of Zeni.

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