-Added additional effect for the following items: Earth Arrow, Fire Arrow, Hauteclaire, Hofud, Ice Arrow, Lightning Arrow, Water Arrow, Wind Arrow


- Added a new Moogle to Mog Gardens with Empyrian weapons for /lockstyle



- Fixed Snake Eye merit for Corsair

- Fixed the HQ modifier on Chocolate Rusk, Coconut Rusk and Sugar Rusk


- Cactrot Rapido will now respawn 2-3 hours after being killed

- Fixed the Bayld Recieved message on Jailer of Hope and Jailer of Justice

- Added a new NM: Tethra in The Eldieme Necropolis [S]



- Fixed the Accuracy bonus formula on Quick Draw

- Fixed Alchemist's Stall giving the wrong Moghancement

- Fixed unlocked stats on Fourth Mantle, Storm Sash and Storm Loop

- Fixed Level 3 Aftermath on Leaden Salute and Trueflight

- Fixed the resist stat on Mind Blast

- Fixed the Attack bonus when using Berserk


- Added a new NM: Ethniu in The Eldieme Necropolis [S]


Game Related

- Evened out the drop rate of AF+1 materials across all jobs in Apollyon

- Fixed Snapshot modifier on Jalzahn's Ring, Commodore Gants and Commodore Gants +1

- Fixed Zanshin modifier on Hachiryu Armor Set, Myochin Sune-Ate +1, Kumokirimaru and Bushido Cape

- Fixed Ying and Yang not despawning after Dynamis Lord was killed


- Fixed Bayld Recieved message on Dynamis Lord

- Added a new NM: Lugh in Crawler's Nest [S]



- Relic aftermath now last for 30/60/90 seconds

- Conquerer, Glanzfaust, Vajra and Kogarasumaru now augment their respective abilities

- Death (spell) now wipes Utsusemi and Blink shadows

- Pandemonium Lamps now have a 45 seconds grace period before going to town with T4 spells


- Fix Usukane Goblin not selling Legs if you had Ares' Flanchards

- Fix Dynamis Lord dropping the wrong version of Ochain

- Added a new NM: Buarainech in Garlage Citadel [S]



- Fixed the attack multiplier for Jump, High Jump, Eagle Eye Shot and Violent Flourish

- Fixed Skulker Cape multiplying Sneak/Invis duration instead of adding time

- Fixed Elemental Resistances on Aerial Blast, Diamond Dust, Earthen Fury, Howling Moon, Judgement Bolt, Searing Light and Tidal Wave

- Fixed Lullaby not getting a duration multiplier when using Troubadour

- Fixed Lord of Onzozo using Bindga instead of Blindga

- Whirlwind and Maelstrom now wipe shadows instead of being absorbed

- Spikeball, Brain Crush and Bone Crush will now only apply their additional effect when damage is dealt

- Chi Blast, Shield Bash and Weapon Bash will now wake up sleeping mobs when used

- Mimas in Upper Delkfutt's Tower now uses Hundread Fists

- Jailer of Hope in Al'Taieu now uses Mighty Strikes

- Perfect Dodge now lasts for 30 seconds instead of 60

- Mighty Strikes now guarantees a critical hit on physical weapon skills

- Optional NPC dialog should be optional coughRuillontcouch

- Fixed the resist stat for Flash - Fixed Black screen when using Boats to/from Selbina

- Mother Globe will now spawn mini globes

- Fixed damage calculation for Blood Drain, Blood Saber and Digest

- Removed unnecessary print in Ark Angel GK (we know you did it Wren)

- Gigaplasm, Macroplasm, Microplasm and Nanoplasm (Bastok 9-1) now have a 3 minute despawn timers

- Catastrophe now gives Gear Haste instead of Uncapped Haste

- Bomb Queen now spawns a pet every 30 seconds


- Elatha in Garlage Citadel [S] has been scripted and drops have been added



- Every timed NM will now spawn between 5 minutes to 1 hour of server restart

- Tzee Xicu the Manifest, Za'Dha Adamantking and Overlord Bakgodek will now be first to spawn after a server restart

- Lord of Onzozo now has a higher percentage to spawn from PH

- Removed garbage code from Supernova for Ix'DRK PH


- Dark Ixion now only spawns in the wiki locations

- Fixed "Bayld Obtained" message for Hydra, Tinnin, Cerberus and Sarameya

- Added Koga Shuriken Pouch to Solby-Maholby in Norg               

- Added the Teleport functions back to boat NPCs                                

-Baya Hiramayuh in Aht Urghan Whitegate will teleport you to Mhaura               

- Kuhn Tsahnpri in Aht Urghan Whitegate will teleport you to Nashmau

- Yohj Dukonlhy in Nashmau will teleport you to Aht Urghan Whitegate

- Dieh Yamilsiah in Mhaura will teleport you to Selbina

- Grimr in Mhaura will teleport you to Aht Urghan Whitegate                 

- Humilitie in Selbina will teleport you to Mhaura

- Added the following items to the Bayld list: Beta Earring, Epsilon Earring, Eta Earring, Gamma Earring, Sigma Earring - Chi Necklace, Kappa Necklace, Mu Necklace, Rho Necklace - Psi Ring - Ksi Sash, Lambda Sash, Nu Sash, Theta Sash, Zeta Sash

- Added a AF3 Armor NPC to Mog Garden (for lockstyle purposes)



-Fixed Death resistance on Shadow Ring

- Added Terror proc to Nightfall (soon tm

- Fixed Threnody songs increasing resistance instead of reducing it


- Unlocked Latent (Always Active) on Pi Ring, Tau Ring, Epsilon Ring and Phi Necklace

- All Ix'Aerns NM now drop the Deed 100% of the time (they can also drop a Vice in addition to the Deed)

- Ix'Aern (DRK) now has a 50% chance to raise instead of 90%



- Fix Detectors for a second and final time because DSP

- Statues in Dynamis now detect by Sight only

- Fixed Dark Ixion and Sandworm spawn points and timers


- Fix "Bayld Obtained" message for Khimaira and Tyger

- Adjusted some NMs to match the info on the forums

- Stroper Chyme - Archer's Ring - 10% drop rate

- Leaping Lizzy - Leaping Boots - 5% drop rate

- Valkurm Emperor - Emperor Hairpin - 5% drop rate

- Quu Domi the Gallant - Fuma Kyahan - 5% drop rate

- Mee Deggi the Punisher - Ochiudo's Kote - 5% drop rate

- Argus - Peacock Charm - 5% drop rate

-75% chance that Argus spawns instead of Leech King - 1-2 Hour Respawn Rate.

- Simurgh - Strider Boots - 5% drop rate

- Eastern Shadow - Eurytos' Bow Added. 5% drop rate - Vali's Bow drop rate increased to 20%

- Western Shadow - Cross-Counters Added. 5% drop rate- Retailiators drop rate increased to 30%

- King Arthro - Speed Belt - 1% drop rate

- Lord of Onzono - Kraken Club - 1% drop rate

- Respawn Time changed to 9-12 hours, PH Respawn rate 5 minutes.



- Fix model for Sturdy Axe

- Added Latent for Papilio Kirpan

- Fix Haste% for Imperial Ring and Mrc. Mantle

- Vanguard Eyes in Dynamis Beaucedine now detect by Sight

- Detectors in Sky now detect by Sound and Magic

- Kick Attack proc rate increased to more closely match Daken


Emergency Maintenance to correct issues with Enmity changes.



- Rework how enmity is accumulated and decayed

- Implemented the Mythic WS Quest (Unlocking a Myth)

- Implemented Summoner Group 1 Merit (Summoning Cast Speed%)

- Implemented Breath Damage Modifier (Saurian Helm, Mirage Keffiyeh, etc.)

- Updated the Defense Down and Attack Down of Dia and Bio (now 10, 15 and 20% instead of 1, 2 and 3%

- Updated recast on Velocity Shot and Recycle to 60 seconds (was 300 and 180 seconds respectively)

- Updated Blocking chance formula for shields

- Provoke now generates slightly more enmity than retail


- Tidal Gate now has a 3 days cooldown (was 7 before)

- Auction House weapons and armors above lv75 were removed

- Added "Bayld Recieved" message to NMs that give bayld on death

- Added Bayld to Dark Ixion and Sandworm (3 and 5 respectively)

- Added crafting materials from Sky that were removed from NMs onto the Hangout Crafting NPC

- Fixed the !drk command

- The !relic command now displays both Relic and Tidal Gate timers

- Fafnir/Nidhogg, Adamantoise/Aspidochelone and Behemoth/King Behemoth now have 8-10 hour repop with a slightly higher chance to be HQ (was 21-24 hour)

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