The Colosseum houses some of the baddest of baddies in all of Vana'diel. You receive lettered eggs from defeating various NMs around the world. These eggs are used to spawn the enemies in The Colosseum. These NMs are enhanced versions of the ones you find out in the world. It is recommended to fight most of these monsters with a group of players.

Entering The Colosseum

To enter The Colosseum, trade any item or gil to the Tarutaru Sashosho at K-11 in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. You will not lose the item/gil traded. You will be warped into The Colosseum. Once inside The Colosseum, there are no exits. You will need to warp out, or use commands like !warp or !hangout.

The Colosseum Fights

When you enter The Colosseum, just outside the hallway to the right will be an NPC named Zandjarl. Talk to him to have him list off which NMs correspond to which eggs that you can trade him. You can also check out the list below.

The NMs

Egg NM
"A" Egg Bune
"B" Egg Ash Dragon
"C" Egg King Vinegarroon
"D" Egg Capricious Cassie
"E" Egg Cerberus
"F" Egg Khimaira
"G" Egg Hydra
"H" Egg Medusa
"I" Egg Gulool Ja Ja
"J" Egg Gurfurlur The Menacing
"K" Egg Kirin
"L" Egg Fafnir
"M" Egg Aspidochelone
"N" Egg King Behemoth
"O" Egg Absolute Virtue
"P" Egg Serket

The Loot

Each of these enemies drops 5 Alexandrite, and can drop up to 1 of each 10,000 ancient currency. If the enemy normally drops a Key Item for the Empyrean quest, it will also drop the same KI in The Colosseum. They also drop bayld varying from 5 to 20.

The Arch Shadow Lord

On Fridays and Sundays at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, the GMs will spawn the Arch Shadow Lord in The Colosseum. This is a tough fight and it is recommended to have a full alliance to take him on. ASL can cast Death and has devastating AOE moves.

The loot from ASL is more rewarding that other enemies in The Colosseum. When defeated, it will drop various completed relic weapons along with augmentable body pieces.

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