If you have an existing Lv 75 character on a retail or private server, we are more than happy to transfer some of your account information so that you can jump right in on the action. You'll need to provide screenshots of your character levels, the 20 items you wish you transfer, and your gil (up to 10 million).

If you're using a VPN please disable it while submitting your application. Our system checks IP addresses against characters already on the server. If your IP address matches another players it can cause delays.

Transferring your character

Use our Transfer player application to select your items and jobs.Transfer to Nightbrood with

  • 3 x 75 jobs
  • 4 x 37 subjobs
  • Any 20 pieces of gear outside of the Restricted Items List (see next section), as long as you can provide screenshots from your previous server.
  • Up to 10,000,000 Gil.
  • 1 relic or mythic weapon - Do not list in the application, leave a blank space and ask a GM in game (include the relic or mythic in your submitted screenshots, however).

Restricted Items List

The following items cannot be selected:

  • Kraken Club
  • Maat's Cap
  • Defending Ring
  • Sea Gorgets
  • Sea Obis
  • Novia/Novio earrings
  • Items from Absolute Virtue
  • Items from Pandemonium Warden
  • Hachiryu Set (PW, T4 ZNMs)
  • Salvage gear (Morrigan, Marduk, Skadi, Usukane, Ares)
  • You may only transfer 1 Relic or Mythic

Transfer FAQs 

I just submitted my transfer application. When will I get my items?

A GM will need to approve your application. This can take 10 minutes to 1 day, depending on time of day and who is online. You may log in and play while you wait for your application to be approved. Level a job that isn't on your transfer list of 75s or 37s.

I do not have access to my retail character and I cannot log-in to my FFXIAH account. Can I still transfer?

No you may not. If you are not able to access your FFXIAH account, there are steps that can be taken on their website to reset your password and gain access. We need to be able to see proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the character you wish to transfer is yours, and not someone else's.

Are my skills capped?

No, all your skills will be at 0. Skilling-up on Nightbrood is fairly painless. Buy the appropriate skill-up food off the Auction House and you'll be capped very quickly.

Can I transfer crafting levels?