List of Rules

  1. The staff is doing their best to improve your playtime experience. Any disrespect will be penalized.  
  2. Be polite to other players. We are all here to have fun. Keep it civil. Harassment, insults and spamming will get you a ban.  
  3. No hacks or cheats or exploits. If you are discovered hacking, you will be IP Banned forever. CurePlease is allowed. Other botting programs (i.e. EasyFarm etc) are not allowed.  
  4. Dual box is allowed. 2 accounts only. 1 Main character and 1 Alt character.  
  5. Please report any bugs on Discord.  


Using the following plugins/addons will result in a scripted, automatic trip to Mordion Gaol (jail) and will require a conversation with a GM/CM:

  • ja0wait (Ashita/Windower)
  • AHgo (Ashita)
  • Nomad (Ashita)
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