Midnight is based on EST.


  • LVL Cap: 75
  • All areas up to WoTG accessible. SCH and DNC available.
  • Player Run Speed: 2.5x retail.
  • All jobs have Widescan from level 1.
  • Mobs drop more gil than what you're used to ;)
  • Healing Ticks: Slightly faster than retail.
  • HNM timed and spawnable. Non-Rare/EX items returned to popular NMs.
  • Sneak/Invisible 10x retail duration.
  • No Dynamis wait timer
  • No Midnight/3-5 day wait time for AF/Relic
  • Dual-boxing allowed. 1 main and 1 alt allowed.
  • Quested/Mythic Weaponskills Unlocked at Required Skill Level.
  • Salvage items available through our own robust system.


  • Homepoint teleports enabled
  • All Outpost Warps unlocked
  • Mounts are available.
  • Explorer Moogle to/from Starting Cities, Selbina, Mhaura
  • The airship/boat NPCs at the dock will teleport you to your destination.
  • The "!hangout" player command will warp to custom Mog Garden zone with NPCs available to warp to the three starting cities, Whitegate, Kazham and Norg. The "!hangout old" player command will warp you to Lower Jeuno where there are NPCs available to warp you to the Mog Garden hangout, Whitegate and the three starting cities.


  • Nation Missions: Rank 10 for all nations.
  • All ZM and CoP Missions
  • CoP Level Cap removed
  • Can own 5 DM earrings, all 3 CoP rings, all 3 ToAU rings.
  • ToAU Mission: Can Be Completed, some missions and battle fields are bugged will require GM assistance.
  • WoTG Missions: Up to Mission 3 [To be confirmed]

XP/Fame/Skill Ups

  • XP Rate: 5x retail
  • XP Loss: Same as retail
  • Fame Rate: 10x retail
  • Skill ups rate: 10x retail
  • Skill up Cap: Raised to .9
  • Crafting Skill ups Proc: 5x retail
  • Crafting Skill up Cap: Raised to .7
  • Can earn up to 99 Merits. No need to go back to spend them if you grind it out.
  • 3x FoV/GoV Tab Rate
  • 5x FoV/GoV Exp Rate

Stat Bonuses

  • 20% Weapon Skill Potency
  • 20% Increase to Magic and Item Potency

Starting Gear/Buffs/Freebies

  • All maps unlocked
  • 80 Mog Safe/Mog Bag/Mog Storage/etc Inventory Space
  • 1,000,000 gil. Starting at Lv 75 is also available.
  • Chocobo Shirt and Destrier Beret
  • Treat Staff II
  • Echad Ring
  • Nexus Cape

Auction House

  • AH will stock and auto buy back an extensive selection of items.
  • Additional items will be added depending on population needs/requests.


  • Relic weapons have increased modifiers
  • Increased Aftermath duration to 30/60/90 for 1k/2k/3k TP.
  • Got a relic and want to try a mythic? Swap back and forth! Three day cooldown.
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