Players have access to a number of commands.

Command Description
!warp Warp to your home point for free. 1 hour cooldown.
!hangout Warp to our hangout in Mog Garden. 15 minute cooldown.
!hangout old Warp to our hangout in Lower Jeuno. Shared cooldown with !hangout.
!signet, !sanction, !sigil Get Signet/Sanction/Sigil anywhere.
!reload Reload your character to the same position you were just at. Do not abuse this feature, we track usage. 10 minute cooldown.
!release Releases your character from a cutscene if you get stuck. You will need to zone or !reload afterwards to fix any camera issues.
!time Shows current server time. Midnight is in EST. Currently disabled.
!relic Displays time remaining in Hours : Minutes : Seconds on current Relic weapon stage progress at Switchstix in Castle Zvahl Baileys and the cool down status of Relic/Mythic trade at the Tidal Gate.
!drk Displays the number of kills remaining to finish the Dark Knight job quest. Otherwise 0
!hohoho Starlight gear for your Race.
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