Complete the Chocobo's Wounds quest. (5-7 minutes to complete)

You must be at least level 20 to use a Mount.



Get your first mount, ♪Chocobo, from Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno, downstairs at (G-7).

Trade Mapitoto the mounts as you collect from the list below.


Here's a list of some suggested locations farmable mounts:

  • Tiger: Jugner Forest / Batallia Downs
  • Crab: Qufim / Dunes / Korroloka Tunnel
  • Red Crab: Korroloka Tunnel; Lacerator Crabs can drop both normal Crab and Red Crab mounts (King Arthro can drop it as well)
  • Bomb: Garlaige Citadel / Ifrit's Cauldron (Dark Spark can also drop a mount)
  • Sheep: Konschtat Highlands
  • Morbol: Pashhow Marshlands / Rolanberry Fields
  • Crawler: Buburimu Peninsula / Crawler's Nest / Rolanberry Fields
  • Beetle: Jugner Forest / Carpenters' Landing
  • Magic Pot: Garlaige Citadel / Sky
  • Xzomit: Sea Home Point #3 [accessible via Mea and the Shattered Telepoint]; Can refill HP/MP at the Home Point as needed by touching it.
  • Hippogyph: Riverne - Site #A01 / Site #B01
  • Raptor: Sauromugue Champaign
  • Warmachine: Ghelsba Outpost (Only 10 spawns in the zone but theres another 2 on a 75-90 min repop timer) / Misareaux Coast (4 spawns)
  • Spheroid: Sky; MG and adds, Detectors

You'll notice that when farming a mount for the first time, you'll get a purple system message when a mount drops in the pool.


Treasure Hunter does not affect the drop rate of mounts.

Special Mounts

Two additional and unique mounts drop from Omega and Pandemonium Warden, respectively.

How to Use

Via Command

/mount NAME

Examples include:

/mount bomb

/mount crab

and so on...

Via Menu

Select Mount from Abilities in the action menu or main menu.


There is a 1 minute cool-down timer that starts from the time you call your mount.

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