Our Mog Garden Hangout provides a central location for players to gather with the amenities of a major city.

The Mog Gargen Hangout is accessible by all players at level 1. Access the hangout by:

  • Typing !hangout (15 minute cooldown)
  • Trading an item to the correct warp-npc in Lower Jeuno.

NPCs found here


Nomad Moogle/Odin Odin serves as the Hangout's Nomad Moogle.
Auction Moogle Auction House
Transportation NPCs Warp to Whitegate, Kazham, Bastok, Sandy, Windy and Norg. Trade any item in your inventory to warp. You will not lose your item.
Synthesis Support NPCs Free advanced crafting support.
Guild Shop NPCs Crafting materials for skilling up and synthesizing exclusive items.
Vendor Moogles Various items: Costumes, /lockstyle gear, fireworks, crafting guild gear, HNM pops items.

The Death Box

Try your luck on our lottery box. Prizes include:

  • 10k Dynamis currency
  • Bayld
  • Gil
  • Joyeuse and other items.


Mog Garden Hangout Tour

Mog Garden Hangout Tour

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