There's now a quest to not only unlock the Lv96 Merited Weapon Skills, but also to be able to hold and equip a fancy Aeonic Weapon with it! Just like a Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean Weapon, if you unequip this Aeonic Weapon, your weapon skill goes away with it. There's a significant amount of trades required to achieve this, but this is very much obtainable and unlockable now! This questline will try and take a little bit of all endgame content that this server has to offer (relics, alex's, bayld, exp pt's, empy weapons, bcnm orb grind), and throw it into one quest.


You will need the follow items to obtain/unlock this:

  • 15 High Kindred Crest's
  • 10 Sacred Kindred Crest's
  • 5 Alexandrite's
  • 1 Abdhaljs Tome (250 Bayld. Obtain through Keturah - gil trade is 400)
  • 1 Corresponding Stage One Empyrean Weapon
  • 1 Corresponding Relic Weapon
  • And 99 merits to unlock (Trade 99 gil to the NPC)

-- What do you mean Corresponding Weapons?... If you want Sequence (The Aeonic Sword), you need the Stage One Empyrean Sword (Colada) and a Relic Sword (Excalibur), as well as everything else listed above.

The Trade

Trade everything single thing listed above to the far left Moogle directly across from Ouryu in the !hangout zone.

Again, If you want Sequence you will trade:

15 H.Kindred Crests, 10 S.Kindred Crests, 5 Alexandrite's, 1 Abdhaljs Tomb, Colada, Excalibur, and 99 gil (assuming you have 99 merits). This is ALL ONE TRADE - including the gil. Nothing will happen if you try and trade things separately. And the NPC will grant you Sequence with the Weapon Skill "Requiescat" Attached to it!

Aeonic Weapons (Weapon Requirements)

  • NOTE: Please be sure to check the EMPYREAN section, to make sure you are trading for the correct Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon. Some of ST1EW do not correlate here! ! !

MNK - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Hand to Hand) - Relic Completed: Spharai  =  Aeonic Weapon (Godhands)

BST - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Axe) - Relic Completed: Guttler = Aeonic Weapon (Tri-edge)

RDM- Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Sword) - Relic Completed: Excalibur = Aeonic Weapon (Sequence)

PLD - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Greatsword) - Relic Completed: Ragnarok = Aeonic Weapon (Lionheart)

Ochain (Shield) - Relic Completed: Aegis = Aeonic Weapon (Srivatsa)

THF- Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Dagger) - Relic Completed: Mandau = Aeonic Weapon (Aeneas)

WAR - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Greataxe) - Relic Completed: Bravura = Aeonic Weapon (Chango)

DRK - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Scythe) - Relic Completed: Apocalypse = Aeonic Weapon (Anguta)

DRG - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Polearm) - Relic Completed: Gungnir = Aeonic Weapon (Trishula)

NIN - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Katana) - Relic Completed: Kikoku = Aeonic Weapon (Heishi Shorinken)

SAM - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Great Katana) - Relic Completed: Amanomurakumo = Aeonic Weapon (Dojikiri Yasutsuna)

WHM - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Club) - Relic Completed: Mjollnir = Aeonic Weapon (Tishtrya)

SMN - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Staff) - Relic Completed: Claustrum = Aeonic Weapon (Khatvanga)

RNG -Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Bow) - Relic Completed: Yoichinoyumi = Aeonic Weapon (Fail-Not)

COR - Stage 1 Empyrean Weapon (Gun) - Relic Completed: Annihilator = Aeonic Weapon (Fomalhaut)

Who Can Equip The Weapon?

First of all, this weapon can only be equipped using /equipset macro's. But anyway...

This is where it gets kinda cool and unique! Every job listed under the Merit category: Weapon Skills can equip the weapon of that type. So, Exenterator can be used by WAR/RDM/THF/BST/BRD/RNG/NIN/COR/DNC as long as they are using the dagger, Aeneas.

Butbutbut... Aeneas says it can only be equipped by THF/BRD/DNC??? Just... try it. use /equipset and it'll equip on all listed jobs.

This goes for all the Weapon Skills. If the Weapon Skill says it can be used by a WAR, but the weapon says it can't... Well, the Weapon is wrong, I'm right. The WAR can use it. So, if you want to see some Scythe wielding WARs using Entropy, well... you've come to the right place.

Sacred Kindred Crests

Obtaining these are tricky! They can be obtained through Seal/Crest conversion, but they can only drop from lv100+ mobs... Well, now we have them! There's 3 main camps to go to...

Gustav Tunnel :

  •  Boulder Eaters
  •  Pygmytoises

Kuftal Tunnel :

  • Kuftal Delvers
  • Machairoduss

The Boyahda Tree:

  • Viseclaws
  • Snaggletooth Peapuks
  • Mourning Crawlers

You can also obtain Sacred's using this NPC as a Seal Converter!!

Seal/Crest Converting

This NPC also has the capabilities to convert all types of Seals in order to get Sacred Kindred Crests, or whichever currency you may need.

All currencies are set to a 10/1 ratio, and the tables are as follows:

3 Beastmen Seals > 1 Kindred Seal - (30 > 10)

3 Kindred Seals > 1 Kindred Crest - (30 > 10)

3 Kindred Crests > 1 High Kindred Crest - (30 > 10)

3 High Kindred Crests > 1 Sacred Kindred Crest - (30 > 10)

10 Ancient Beast Coins > 1 High Kindred Crest

Also, because S.Kindred's now drop from treasure pools, High's may be the hardest part of this merit quest. So, you can downgrade only the S.Kindred's > H.Kindred's to compensate.

3 Sacred Kindred Crests > 1 High Kindred Crest

Trade the NPC 3 Seal/Crest's, and he'll give you 1 of whatever you need.

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