I just submitted my new player/transfer application. When will I get my items?

A GM will need to approve your application. This can take 10 minutes to 1 day, depending on time of day and who is online.

What is the server population?

We are a small private server, with around 15-40 concurrent users connected. There are many advantages of playing on our small server. H/NMs are available, you'll get to know other players quickly, and our active GMs help with any problems you may encounter. We run events regularly and all players are welcome.   

Is it difficult to level up with a small population?

It is possible to solo to 75 on any job. We have an EXP rate 5x retail, and FoV/GoV EXP rate 5x retail. That being said, XP parties are still a thing. People regularly team up in Crawler's Nest and The Boyahda Tree. 

How do I make money?

Gil is fairly easy to make on NIGHTBROOD. We have an automated AH that will buy back most things you put up for sale (at a set price), and mobs drop a lot more gil than in retail.

Can I play with multiple characters?

Dual-boxing is allowed – 1 main character and 1 alt. You may only submit a new player/transfer application for 1 character.

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