Empyrean Weapons


Empyrean Weapons are implimented on Nightbrood with special stats removed and tuned damage appropriate for level 75 play. See Weapon Skill Values for an in-depth look at Empyrean Weapon Skill modifiers.

Empyrean Weapon Weapon Type Equipable By Weapon Skill
Verethragna Hand-to-Hand MNK | PUP Victory Smite
Almace Sword RDM | PLD Chant du Cygne
Caladolg Great Sword WAR | PLD | DRK Torcleaver
Ukonvasara Great Axe WAR Ukko's Fury
Gambanteinn Club WHM Dagan
Hvergelmir Staff BLM | SMN | SCH Myrkr
Twashtar Dagger THF Vajra's Storm
Redemption Scythe DRK Quietus
Farsha Axe BST Cloudsplitter
Daurdabla Harp BRD +1 song
Gandiva Bow RNG Jishnu's Radiance
Masamune Great Katana SAM Tachi: Fudo
Kannagi Katana NIN Blade: Hi
Rhongomian Polearm DRG Camlamm's Torment
Armageddon Gun COR Wildfire
Ochain (Dynamis Lord) Shield PLD N/A

Questline Information


Though there is no specific lore or story connected to Emperyean Weapons on Nightbrood, the proccess has been carefully crafted to provide a fun and challenging experience for new and established players alike!

To obtain an Empyrean weapon you will need:

  1. A Stage One Weapon
  2. All six Stage Two Key Items
  3. All seven Eggs

Once you have met these requirements, trade your Stage One weapon and seven eggs to the Moogle sitting beside Bahamut in the hangout zone. You must be on the corresponding job. You will instantly be rewarded with a fully functional Empyrean weapon. Equip it using /equipset!

Stage One and Stage Two Key Items are automatically added to your character upon defeating certain Notorious Monsters. They are consumed at each stages' trade-in.

Eggs are rare/ex items that drop from various NMs throughout the world. They are heavily influenced by Treasure Hunter, so it is recommended that you bring along a thief.

Stage One Weapons

Stage One Weapons are obtained through Key Items dropped from the following NMs.


Upon collecting all Stage One Key Items, the moogle beside Bahamut will reward you with a Stage One Weapon. This process is instant and automatic, so be mindful of which job you are currently on and be sure to have at least one free slot of inventory space.

Weapon Type Job Stage One Weapon
Hand-to-Hand MNK Condemners
Dagger THF Skinflayer
Sword RDM Colada
Great Sword PLD Zulfiqar
Axe BST Digirbalag
Great Axe WAR Aganoshe
Scythe DRK Obschine
Polearm DRG Reienkyo
Katana NIN Kanaria
Great Katana SAM Umaru
Club WHM Gada
Staff BLM Grioavoir
Bow RNG Teller
Gun COR Holliday
Harp BRD Marsyas

Stage Two Key Items



  • Ahtu (Ouryu) – Flower Egg