Path To Empyrean Weapons

Starting Information: As of now, 17 different HNMs drop an Alliance exclusive Key Item on a kill. Every member of the Alliance will get this upon death. Additionally, 7 HNMs drop a (small chance for 2) rare/ex item in their treasure pool, upon death, that you’ll need to trade for your Emp Weapon. This means you’ll need to kill 24 different HNMs, and win 7 lots among your allies for you to earn one of these weapons.

To Begin: Talk to the Moogle hiding beside Bahamut in the hangout zone. Read his instructions carefully, and make sure you’re on the right Job when you have all of your Key Items ready.

This is a very important step/warning! Once you have all your Key Items, you MUST be on the job correlating to the weapon you want. Ex. SAM for Masamune, or THF for Twashtar. If you have all of your Stage One Key Items, and you’re on WHM, and you accidentally talk to the Moogle, you WILL get a Trishula as a starting item. So make sure you’re on the right Job! You can always check what you have by looking at Key Items > Temporary Items for a reference. If a mistake happens, there’s no going back. Your Key Item grind will start over… If you do not have any/all your Key Items, you can speak to him as much as you’d like. That being said, you CAN repeat Stage One over and over for different jobs. Meaning, you are not restricted/need to complete Stage Two once you complete Stage One**

Stage One: Talk to the Moogle to begin. There are 11 HNM’s you need to kill for Stage One. Each HNM will drop a Key Item to the entire party/alliance. Once you have all of your Key Items, talk to the Moogle and he will give you a Starting Weapon and take all of your Stage One Key Items away. That’s about it. This weapon is useless. But you will need this weapon for Stage Two…  The HNMs for each Stage will be at the bottom of the page for each reference.

Stage Two: You will need 6 more, and different, HNM kills for Stage Two’s Key Item list. Same rules as Stage One. Your entire party/alliance will get this upon death. Additionally, you will need 7 rare/ex items dropped from the custom NMs we’ve made. One of which, is an extremely hard Mega Boss. These you will have to compete between your party and cast lots for. Once you have the 6 Key Items and the 7 rare/ex items, BE ON YOUR JOB CORRELATING TO THE WEAPON YOU WANT, and then trade the Moogle your Starting Weapon, and those 7 rare/ex items to him. He will also then eat your 6 Stage Two Key Items.

This is a LV85 Weapon, so you will have a new Weapon Skill… But it’s 85… How do you equip it?! Use /equipset on a macro page, and you’re all set!

Stage One HNM’s (Key Items)

Gurfurlur the Manacing– MALFORMED_KNUCKLES












Stage Two HNM’s (Key Items)







Stage Two HNM’s (Rare/EX Item Drops)

Jormunguand – Wing Egg

Bahamut – Lamp Egg

Ahtu(Ouryu) – Flower Egg

Dynamis Lord – Jeweled Egg

Bubuimboo –Orphic Egg

Fafnir– Happy Egg

Tiamat – Fortune Egg


These are the jobs you NEED to be on in order to start/complete your item. If you screw up, you might screw up the scripts. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!


MNK: Verethragna (H2H) – Starting Item: GodHands

BST: Fasha (Axe) -- Starting Item: Tri-edge

THF: Twashtar (Dagger) – Starting Item: Aeneas

RDM: Almace (Sword) – Starting Item: Sequence

PLD: Caladolg (Great Sword) – Starting Item: Lionheart

WAR: Ukonvasara (Great Axe) – Starting Item: Chango

DRK: Redemption (Scythe) – Starting Item: Anguta

DRG: Rhongomiant (Polearm) – Starting Item: Trishula

NIN: Kannagi (Katana) – Starting Item: Heishi Shorinken

SAM: Masamune (Great Katana) – Starting Item: Dojikiri Yasutsuna

WHM: Gambanteinn (Club) – Starting Item: Tishtrya

BLM: Hvergelmir (Staff) – Starting Item: Khavanga

COR: Armageddon (Gun) – Starting Item: Fomalhaut

RNG: Gandiva (Bow) – Starting Item: Fail-Not

BRD: Daurdabla (Lv90 Harp  *3 songs) – Starting Item: Marsyas

** (Note: Ochain dropped from Dynamis Lord!)

Clarifications… You do not have to kill any in order. If you kill a Stage 2 HNM when you’re still working on Stage 1, you will have the Stage 2 KI until it’s time for you to turn it in. If you have Stage 2 KI’s, and it’s time to turn in your Stage 1 KI’s, you will still have, and get to keep your Stage 2 KI’s. The Moogle will not eat the Stage 2 KI’s until it’s time to do so.

Once you complete your Stage 1 Weapon, you can start getting Stage 1 KI’s all over again. You do NOT need to complete Stage 2.

If you screw up, a GM will not give you another KI.

If your INVENTORY is full when you trade/talk to the Moogle, the Moggle MIGHT eat your KI’s, and you’ll lose your progress for nothing. Be mindful of your inventory, as well as what job you’re on!

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