Crafting torques will be awarded to players once they've met the following conditions:

  1. Leveled the craft to 100
  2. Own both pieces of GP +Skill gear for the craft
  3. Have crafted the respective guild stall 
  4. Obtained the corresponding "Way of the..." Key Item.

 Carver's Torque
 Goldsmith's Torque
 Culinarian's Torque
 Smithy's Torque
 Tanner's Torque
 Weaver's Torque
 Boneworker's Torque
 Alchemist's Torque

Once you've obtained all eight torques you will be able to request the Kupo Shield.

Please send screen shots to Ori on discord, they will be done in the order they're recieved. Multiple 100 crafters can combine screen shots to make it easier.

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