While retail servers have significantly more combinations, private servers only run these combinations.

Should make "brute forcing" this limit break significantly easier.

1- "Deggi" "Haqa" "Mjuu"

2- "Puqu" "Ouzi" "Duzu"

3- "Gadu" "Mong" "Buxu"

4- "Xicu" "Mjuu" "Gadu"

5- "Haqa" "Duzu" "Gadu"

6- "Gadu" "Puqu" "Mong"

7- "Gadu" "Buxu" "Duzu"

8- "Duzu" "Deggi" "Ouzi"

9- "Mjuu" "Ouzi" "Buxu"

Information copy and pasted from Nightbrood Forum[1] image taken from FFXIclopedia

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