Quest Overview:

Certain HNM’s now drop Alexandrite. 30 Alexandrite are then traded to a NPC in our !hangout zone for a pop item called a "Catseye" which used to spawn certain NMs for valuable gear, and augmentable body pieces.

Trade the one of the new Moogle NPC's in front of Ouryu (in our hangout area) 30 Alexandrite’s and he’ll give you a Cat's Eye. Trade that Cat's Eye to one of three locations in the open world to pop an HNM that will drop some pretty cool gear. These HNM's are overwritten, and are now something else entirely, so be prepared for a change! That same NPC also sells certain items/medicines that are “highly recommended” for these fights you will partake in… Very, very highly recommended you buy stacks of medicines beforehand.

After you receive your Body piece, talk to the Moogle next to the one that gave you your Cat's Eye for options to Augment your new gear!

The Three Pop Locations:

Cancer: Kuftal Tunnel, ??? at H-8 (Map 1).

Geush Urvan: Uleguerand Range, ??? at L-7.

Big Bomb: Halvung, ??? at I-8.

Notable Drops:


R.Stripeshell, Jeweled Egg, Flower Egg, Hecate's Cape, Mirke Wardecors

Geush Urvan/Provence Watcher:

10,000 Byne Bill, Wing Egg, Lamp Egg, Dew Cape +1, Nuevo Coselete

Big Bomb/Zeid:

R. Goldpiece, Happy Egg, Fortune Egg, Orphic Egg, Salire Belt, Royal Redingote

Alexandrite Drops List:

Vrtra, Tiamat, Jormungand, Sandworm, Dark Ixion, Tinnin, Sarameya, Tyger, Pandemonium Warden, and Buburimboo.

Augmented Items:

Nuevo Coselete, Mirke Wardecors, and Royal Redingote are now available as drops to the above popped NMs. Augments are available for those items as well! All the augments are preset, and you CAN interchange them as you please. You do NOT have to drop your armor piece to get a different augment on it. How it works…

Obtain one of these armor pieces and trade it to the NPC next to the one you got your Cat's Eye from. Trade, say, a Nuevo Corselete, and a specific gil amount ranging from 1-9 and he’ll give you your Nuevo back augmented. It’s that easy. Hate your augment? Trade that augmented Nuevo and a different gil amount between 1-9 and he’ll give you a different version. Like I said, you don’t need to drop your armor to get a new augment on that piece.

Augment Presets:

  • 1gil: STR+10, ACC+15, ATT+15
  • 2gil: DEX+10, ACC+15, ATT+15
  • 3gil: AGI+10, ACC+15, ATT+15
  • 4gil: MND+10, Refresh+1, Cure pot+15%, Healing Magic +15
  • 5gil: INT+10, Macc+10, MAB+10, Refresh +1
  • 6gil: Refresh+1, PET: Attack/RngAtt+15, Acc+15/RngAcc+15, DMG Taken -5%
  • 7gil: DEX+5, Ranged Accuracy +15, Ranged Attack +15, Rapid Shot+4
  • 8gil: Accuracy +15, Triple Attack +3%, Dual Wield+5
  • 9gil: Haste+5%, Breath, Physical, and Magical Damage Taken -7%

Notable Spells/Abilities

As mentioned, it is recommended to buy stacks of medicines before these fights. Here are some noteworthy abilities that these custom HNM do.


Doom (single target), Earthbreaker (40 yalm, high aoe damage), x2 other AoE moderate damage moves.


VERY high damage Weapon Skills and auto attack damage, Empty Salvation (15’ AoE3 spell Dispel, absorbed by 2 or more shadows),. Everything else is single target WS attack, so this is a /nin fight.

Provence Watcher:

Blizzaja/Aeroja/Stoneja. Immune to stun/silence. AoE Doom, 4k needles, AoE para 10’, Pleiades Ray, AoE Blind

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