Our goal

We are a group of players who have decided to run a customised 75 cap FFXI server. We enjoy progress, but we are also against making it a huge time sink for veteran and new players. We have custom content, mainly to reduce the time spent doing grinding while still granting players a sense of achievement. We want players to collaborate while having the option of doing solo work to obtain great items. Salvage gear, Limbus gear, Relics, Mythics, are all obtainable solo or with small groups. We are bringing the choice back to players. If you want to obtain the best gear possible at 75 cap, you can do it, but an alliance of players will have more challenging NM´s and faster progress.


The NIGHTBROOD server is a rebirth of sorts as it contains character data from two defunct servers: MHMU (75 cap server) and NIGHTBROOD version Alpha (a 99 cap server that we added the "Alpha" title on to avoid confusion). In it's current state, NIGHTBROOD is a fully functional private FFXI server, but it does require some additional adjustments and testing to provide players with an exceptional experience. Whether you are an MHMU or NIGHTBROOD vAlpha veteran or new player, we welcome you to join us as we enter into this BETA phase.
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